The KDE 2D Workbench

    The KDE 2D Workbench is a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) authoring tool (
It provides editing facilities for all the balls and whistles - shapes, animations, style-sheets, scripts....
There are free vector-based drawing programs, which read and write SVG (You will find a list at ( They are designed to be easy. All the confusing details of svg are hidden. But you can't intervene if you want something more sophisticated. Of cause you can use your favorite xml editor, but you might have realized its hard to see the image through the source-code.
The KDE 2D Workbench on the other hand tries to make simple tasks easy, but exposes all the internal details of a svg image to advanced authors.

Current state of the project

    It's possible to edit a svg file with version 0.1. But it's not ready for real use. Many features are missing and there are no performance optimizations at all. Probably you want to join the development team after trying in out :-)
Most of the hard work is done by the KDE development team. Especially the upcoming ksvg rendering engine ( makes writing an authoring tool easy.

Further plans

    Version 0.1 needs some tools for common tasks like creating patterns.
Next step is to implement a rudimentary time line editor for the animations.
When its possible to edit all elements, implementing a more user-friendly gui will be started.
If you would like to work on these features or if you think other points are more important, do not hesitate to join the development team.


    2003 Jan 19
Version 0.1 released.
    2002 Nov 17
Cvs set up.
    2002 Nov 02
Homepage created.

How to reach the developer

    Please post your reports or suggestions to the KDE 2D Workbench mailing list
If you would like to subscribe, please go to

Legal stuff - open source

    This package is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.